Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Cool Kitchen Tool: Salad Dressing Shaker

Usually I am not  one for gadgets, but I do like handy kitchen tools that make my life easier. Recently, I discovered this neat salad dressing shaker, so I thought I would share.

For an upcoming cookbook review, I found myself whipping up a number of salad dressings. 

I was surprised how easy they were to make and thrilled with how fresh and light the homemade dressings tasted.

The only issue I had with producing my own was finding a handy container for storing any leftover dressing. 

Many people make and store dressings in Mason jars, but I find that the dressing can slop down the side of the jar when you pour it. I found myself wishing I had something better to use. 

Then I saw this Oxo Salad Dressing Shaker on a television cooking show. It was a little eureka moment. 

The lid twists open allowing you to use the bottom section to mix the ingredients by using the measurements on the side of the shaker or by eye balling it.

Screw the top back on, a few quick shakes of the wrist and the ingredients are combined. Flip the stopper to the open position and your ready to pour the dressing. Close the stopper again and any extra dressing is ready to store for another use.

I took the dressing shaker for a test drive when I made this quinoa salad. It worked perfectly, although in this instance, I used all the available dressing. 

I used this Canadian Living magazine recipe with the minor modification swapping green onions for red and adding a tablespoon of honey to salad dressing (honey mellows tahini so nicely). This salad would make a great summer side for grilled chicken.

It may be available in numerous stores, but I found my Oxo Salad Shaker at Crate and Barrel*.

* Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post and I am not benefiting in any way from the sale of salad dressing shakers.

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  1. Perfect foods with perfect kitchen tools, the salad looks delicious and healthy.